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Welcome to the Article Archive! Here you’ll be able to find all my articles by date published in chronological order from most recent to oldest.

Articles by Date


May 21: The Ballets Russes
May 18: A Musical World: Music Theorist Issa Aji
May 11: The Origin of The Firebird (Member-Only Article)
May 7: Sibelius and the Kalevala
May 4: A Musical Philadelphia: Vocalist Anthony Sharp
April 30: The Wife of Tchaikovsky
April 24: Rules for Classical Music Enthusiasts: A Project of Classical Music and Humor
April 6: 4 Pieces of Classical Music That Altered the Course of My Life
March 24: The Music of the Elite… and Why That’s Bullshit (Member-Only Article)
March 21: A Musical Philosophy
January 17: 2020 Classical Music New Years Resolutions: Opera
January 13: A Musical Philadelphia: Music Educator and Violinist Heather Kani
January 11: 2020 Classical Music New Years Resolutions: Symphonic Music
January 7: 2020 Classical Music New Years Resolutions: Getting Started
January 4: A Musical Philadelphia: Vocalist and Personal Trainer Roy Wilford Belzer IV


December 21: Christmas Stories at the Theater
December 19: A Musical Philadelphia: Music Historian and Vocalist Andrew Shaw
December 15: Popular Composers, Rare Operas: Russian Edition
December 8: The Beautiful Ballet: My Top 5 Favorite Ballet Scores
November 3: Strozzi vs. Jacquet de la Guerre: Baroque Composer War, Battle 2
October 21: Webern vs. Berg: 20th-Century Composer War, Battle 1
October 13: The Music and the Majesty of the Sea
October 4: Romantic Composer War: Battle 1
October 1: Classical Composer War: Battle 1
September 29: Takes my Breath Away
August 22: Baroque Composer War: Battle 1
August 21: Being a Musicologist/Music Historian

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