Rules for Classical Music Enthusiasts: A Project of Classical Music and Humor

Written by Stephen J. Trygar
Cover Photo by Marcus Wallis on Unsplash

Sometimes we just need a little bit of humor in our lives, and we turn to comedians and/or people we find funny, humorous TV shows, podcasts, and nowadays memes on social media to supply us with our dosage of humor. It is not as common that we go through other artistic mediums to make us laugh (such as music, visual art, dance, etc.) to get our fill. I’m sure that “classical” music is the last place you’d go to get a laugh, but you’d be surprised by how many plots, scenarios, and histories surrounding classical music works are so preposterous that you can’t help but chuckle.

I’ve often watched an opera or ballet, or I’ve learned about how a certain piece of music came to be, and thought, “Why would they do that? It just makes things worse! Their actions are laughable!” While I realize that these things make a great conflict for the plot, they are no less amusing. So, I had an idea. What if I were to make a set of rules that, if physically possible, I could give to the characters within or creative minds behind the works? What if I could prevent people in real life from making the same mistakes…? (I would hope that nobody would make these mistakes…)

Thus, the Rules for Classical Music Enthusiasts was created! Every two days, a new rule will be posted on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Under each of the rules will be the piece of music that prompted me to create that rule. While I call these rules, they are nothing more than a way for me to help crack a smile and to possibly get people curious about the piece of music that is referred to. Below are a few of the Rules that have already been posted!

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Published by Stephen J. Trygar

I am a musicologist and music historian currently residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My primary focus is on theatrical music (opera, ballet, and incidental music) and symphonic music.

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